Macro Economy, Public Finance and Economic Development

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The field of Economic Support is a privileged sector of assistance for international donor organisations used to help developing economies, through direct budget support for the implementation of sectoral policy programmes.

Our company has been involved in this field since 2005, offering services to the donor organisations for the implementation of budget support programmes. Our services focus on macro-economic assessment, analysis of macro-economic prospects and risks, evaluation of poverty reduction policies and sectoral policies, including also evaluation of public financial management systems.


We assist governments of beneficiary countries to prepare conditions for direct budget support, including the formulation of sectoral policies, the development of multi-annual planning techniques and related medium term expenditure frameworks, improvements in public financial management systems and development of performance monitoring systems.

Our expertise and quality in service delivery in this sector are widely acknowledged by our various institutional clients, as this is witnessed by the fast growth of our operations, with projects already implemented in Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Malawi, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Montenegro and South Africa.