New Project in Ethiopia for Strengthening the Capacities of the Ministry of Women’s affairs

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European Profiles expands its presence in Africa after the award of a new project in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Greek NGO ANCE Hellas (Leader of the Consortium) and with the Ethiopian Consulting Company BCAD. The title of this new project is “Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Capacities of the Ministry of Women’s affairs” and its duration is three years, starting from June 2011.

The project seeks to address two problem areas: (a) the institutional capacity constraints of the Women’s Affairs Structure by improving the institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women and (b) the lack of economic empowerment faced by women by providing entrepreneurship and leadership skills to help lift women out of poverty.

The project activities are aligned to the actions foreseen in the Ministry of Women’s affairs (MoWA) Core & Action Plan for Harmonization and Alignment, which is currently the main strategic document for MoWA. The project can be seen as a concrete contribution to the establishment of an enabling environment for a possible future sector wide approach for which currently the necessary conditions are not mature enough.