Local and Regional Development

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Local and regional development is recognised to play a profound role in overall national development efforts. This is particularly crucial in the case of low and middle income countries, where the benefits of growth tend to concentrate in metropolitan centres leading to regional disparities and uneven development results. Regions and localities need to be assisted both in strengthening their voice and input in national policy processes and in utilising their competitive advantage, so that they can become an active player in national development efforts.

Over the past decade European Profiles has assisted numerous governments and regions to develop and implement modern policies, institutions and initiatives aiming at enhancing the role of the region, as well as its contribution to national economic growth. We have worked with governments and municipal authorities in Greece, Croatia, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Egypt and Thailand and Botswana in a wide spectrum of areas ranging from the strengthening of administrative capacities at local level, to the elaboration of new policies and strategies, transfer of good practices to the regions and the promotion of the trans-national networks.

Most notably, we have worked with the government of the Russian Federation to by providing advice and support to regional leaders/decision-makers and regional administrations in elaborating and implementing regional economic development policies, notable through the setting up and operation of Resource Centres and the provision of policy and legal advice. Moreover, since 2008 we have been supporting the Ministry of Local Government and Councils in Botswana to strengthen its community development programme to assist in the improvement of livelihoods in less disadvantaged regions of the country.

Across all our efforts, we put primary emphasis on a participatory approach where all stakeholders play an active role in the design and promotion of regional development. We place due consideration on the national context and individual characteristics and needs for each project while utilising existing socio-economic structures.

Our clients value our dedication on an inclusive approach to the delivery of technical assistance, as well as our commitment to provide regional stakeholders and authorities with the capacity to sustainably develop and strengthen their regions.