Establishment and Restructuring of Public Institutions

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The establishment of new, and indeed the restructuring of existing, public institutions is always present in today's rapidly changing and globalising environment. With new challenges and opportunities emerging within national frontiers, but also with new prospects and developments on the regional and multilateral front, public institutions need to adapt in order to adequately respond to new needs.

European Profiles has played a leading role in this process, supporting governments and public institutions in a number of countries including among other Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Egypt, and Jordan. Most notably, from 2000 to 2008, European Profiles has been working extensively with the Russian government in strengthening the National Coordination Unit, which takes lead responsibility for the implementations of all EU-Russia Cooperation programmes.

As in all our areas of business, European Profiles efforts are guided by a non-prescriptive country-specific approach. Our support begins with an in-depth assessment of existing institutional structures, along with their embedded processes,procedures and systems, distribution of responsibilities, collection and sharing of information. The present conditions are cross-analysed against identified new needs, which in turn provide the basis for the optimisation of the institutional setting in place. In close cooperation with client-institutions the new mission and objectives are drawn, specific plans of action are elaborated to guide the implementation of new configurations and organisational changes and support to the management of change is provided.

European Profiles is deeply aware of the complexity involved in this process and places emphasis on a gradualist inclusive approach supported by appropriate training and dissemination actions to ensure the sustainability of efforts.
Our clients value our dedication on an effective approach to the delivery of technical assistance, as well as our commitment to provide Public Authorities with the capacity to efficiently restructure and strengthen their Institutions.