Education, Vocational Education and Training

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Sustainable socio-economic development depends primarily on a well educated and trained workforce, which is both flexible and can adequately adapt to the changing and demanding conditions of the labour market. Given this, vocational education and lifelong learning, in line with the principle of "learning economy" of the EU Lisbon process are central in any contemporary effort to promote competitiveness and productivity in both the public and private sector.

European Profiles has more than 15 years of experience in this area, having implemented various Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes in a number of countries including Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, as well as several EU countries.
European Profiles approach is deeply rooted on the premise that vocational education and training initiatives should be directly guided by labour market needs and thereby be linked to the demand and supply of skills of the national and local economy. To this direction, we assist governments and public authorities to design and effectively implement modern methodologies for developing and delivering training and retraining programmes.

Our support starts with an in-depth analysis of the institutional and legal basis for the operation and delivery of VET, and the elaboration of targeted recommendations for improvements. On the basis of this we assist national authorities in the establishment and strengthening of VET and TVET institutions, the improvement of management capacities, and the development of necessary skills through training of vocational teachers, trainers and facilitators. European Profiles also assists in the development and strengthening of apprenticeship systems and lifelong learning opportunities, the design of curricula and modern training methodologies and finally the set up of further training and retraining programmes.

Our expertise and excellence in service delivery in the field of VET and TVET are widely recognised by our various institutional clients, who value the strong emphasis placed by our approach on national conditions and our commitment to ensuring sustainable results.