Employment Policy

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The development and implementation of sustainable employment policies, which are supportive to national economic goals while meeting the constantly changing needs of the labour market, presents a challenge for most governments and public authorities. European Profiles has more than 10 years of experience in this sensitive field. We have provided assistance to governments and related institutions in a number of countries both within the EU and elsewhere. Among other we have implemented a series of trans-national cooperation projects involving several European Union countries, and we also worked with the governments of Greece, Romania, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, to develop, implement and evaluate effective employment approaches leading to the creation of a coherent and inclusive labour market system.

European Profiles' approach is based on a deep knowledge of the subject matter, but most importantly a careful understanding of national circumstances, challenges and needs. We provide targeted expertise to public authorities for the design, planning and implementation of employment policies and measures at both local and national level. We begin with a careful assessment of the socio-economic context and the conduct of detailed labour market analysis. The results of these assessments are mapped against European and international best practices, which, in turn, provide the basis for the design of targeted employment strategies supported by active labour market measures, and the development and updating of related information systems and monitoring mechanisms.

We place particular emphasis in ensuring the direct and clear linkage between policy and market level and therefore strive to connect efforts on the employment policy front with the promotion of entrepreneurship, deployment of career guidance services, as well as wide-ranging training and retraining programmes.

Our clients value our accumulated experience in the field, as demonstrated by the implementation of a varying portfolio of programmes covering among other for modernisation of public employment services, promotion of job growth, strengthening of social enterprising, enhancing the employment and entrepreneurship of women, and inclusion of vulnerable groups.