Social Care and Welfare Development

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The changing environment in the design and provision of social protection and welfare services and the pressing need to secure sustainable financial means to support these services in the long term presents a challenge for governments, both in the developed and developing world.

European Profiles has over 10 years of experience in this highly complex and sensitive field through the implementation of numerous projects in various countries including Greece, Romania, Albania, FYROM, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Moldova.

Our approach is underpinned by the emphasis we place on targeted and carefully designed interventions in order to achieve the highest degree of social inclusion through quality social protection services. We strive to transfer international best practice in the field through the design of appropriate tools for policy development, efficient channels for service provision, as well as articulate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Overall, our efforts are directed to the development and implementation of integrated social services and the promotion of functioning Public-Private Partnerships with strong participation of the voluntary sector to target isolated vulnerable groups. In the context of our various projects, we work closely with beneficiary organisations to assist them in such areas as the improvement of social benefits administration, development of social programmes, promotion of social integration through institution building and targeting, development of innovative social care services schemes, and training of social workers and staff in public administrations.

Our clients include private, public and not-for-profit organisations at regional, local and state level, who value our track record in the field, as well as our commitment to targeted and sustainable systems for social protection.