Following successes in Georgia and Azerbaijan, European Profiles now expands its presence in Mozambique

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EUROPEAN PROFILES SA undertook the implementation of the EU FWC SIEA project "Elaboration of a strategy for a stronger engagement of the EU in the culture sector" in Mozambique, in the context of human development and safety net. The project is funded by the EU and is being managed by the European Profiles associate ANCE. Its budget is 128,523.50 EUR.

The global objective of this framework is to elaborate a strategy for a stronger engagement of the EU in the culture sector in Mozambique. Over the last ten years, a series of initiatives has shown the increasing EU commitment to cultural international relations. The EU’s global strategy explicitly identified cultural diplomacy as one of the new fields of the EU joined-up external action, promoting societal resilience by deepening work on education, culture and youth to foster pluralism, coexistence and respect.

Regarding the specific objectives, this assignment will be divided in two phases. During the Phase I, will take place the analysis of the cultural sector, the analysis of previous actions taken by the EU, and the elaboration of a holistic strategy for EU cultural cooperation in Mozambique. During the Phase II, will take place the identification and formulation of an EU project in support to the cultural sector in the country. Phase II will be mobilized up to 3 months after finalization of Phase I.

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