European Profiles S.A. - Further Expansion in Caucasus

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Further to a number of significant Technical Assistance projects running already in Georgia and Azerbaijan, the prominent Greek consultancy European Profiles S.A. launched the project "Support for Operationalization of Legal Aid Services – Non Governmental Organizations – in Azerbaijan” for the period 2020-2024. The project has been awarded to a consortium consisting by European Profiles and the local company ARPA by the World Bank following a tendering procedure. Its budget is 930.135 USD.
The objective of the assignment is to continue supporting equal access to justice for vulnerable groups of population (women, IDP, low-income families etc.) by the provision of legal aid services and counseling which will target the high numbers of eligible recipients, who are currently left without legal aid and related services, and will include outreach and awareness campaigns.
This project is a continuation of two previous projects implemented by the same consortium. It will fund operationalization of the judiciary’s legal aid and counselling for vulnerable groups (women, IDPs), beyond the pilots which were developed under the parent projects. It is expected that a minimum of 30,000 additional beneficiaries will benefit from legal aid services during the implementation of this assignment.
The new phase of the project will fund legal aid services in small towns and rural areas where pro bono services provided by the bar association are generally limited. This will be achieved through activities such as the expansion of call center services, targeting specifically those that lack access to internet.
In particular, and in the context of a constrained environment to provide legal aid services, the objective of the assignment is to assist the MoJ in expanding, scaling-up of successful pilot approaches, and transitioning them into permanent support. The Ministry shall be also assisted in its policy decision-making through targeted analysis, such as identifying strengths and gaps of service provisions, drafting recommendations on how to have the different services best complement one another, outlining solutions to meet gaps etc.
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