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C.894 KE1




Internal Market

Project Duration: 36 months from October 2020

Key expert 1: Expert in free movement of goods (minimum input: 250 working days) - EuropeAid/140492/DH/SER/MK


EUROPEAN PROFILES S.A. (GR - leader) will participate in bidding for the following EU tender in consortium with Agriconsulting Europe S.A (AESA) (BE) and OPERA Srl (IT): "Strengthening the internal market"

Services Location: North Macedonia
Start date (provisional): October 2020
Duration: 36 months

Overall objective

Project overall objective is:

  • To improve alignment of the legal framework in areas of Free Movement of Goods (Chapter 1), Free Movement of Services (Chapter 3) and Company Law (Chapter 6); and
  • To improve capacities of relevant national institutions to operate efficiently within the enhanced legal framework.


The purposes of the project are as follows:

  • Component 1: To enhance the strategic, legislative and institutional framework in area of Free Movement of Goods
  • Component 2: To enhance the strategic, legislative and institutional framework in area of Free Movement of Services.
  • Component 3: To enhance the legislative alignment with the EU acquis as regards Company Law, Law on accounting and Law on audit.
  • Component 4: To enhance the capacity of national bodies for efficient and effective market surveillance and consumer protection.
  • Component 5: To enhance the capacity of BoM to execute testing, verification and calibration services

Key Experts

Key experts have a crucial role in implementing the contract. These terms of reference contain the required key experts' profiles. The tenderer shall submit CVs and statements of exclusivity and availability for the following key experts:

Key expert 1: Expert in free movement of goods (minimum input: 250 working days) - EuropeAid/140492/DH/SER/MK

Qualifications and skills

  • University Degree8 in economy, law, engineering, natural sciences area or other area relevant to the assignment. In the absence of a University degree then an equivalent general professional experience of 5 (five) years of general professional experience above the minimum general professional experience requested below.
  • Excellent spoken and written English

General professional experience

  • Minimum 7 but preferably 12 years of professional experience in thematic areas pertaining to activities covered under Component 1, such as: legal approximation, training, strategic planning ,capacity building and similar in the field of Free movement of goods.

Specific professional experience

  • Minimum 3 but preferably 5 years of experience in legal approximation on New and Old Approach directives ( i.e. drafting of laws to transpose the relevant EU directives);

Team Leader (one of the above) (minimum input: 100 working days)

One of the key experts above will act as a Team Leader, having the overall responsibility for the daily management of the project activities in the country, such as: represent the project in front of beneficiaries, efficient use of the contract budget, organise administrative and logistic support to the contract activities and act as local respective of the Contractor toward the Beneficiaries and the CA. To qualify for the position of Team Leader the expert must:

  • have an experience as a team leader in at least one EU-funded project.

All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.

8For reference on equivalent qualifications see 1 EPSO website

Application Deadline:

Monday, July 13, 2020
Send your application to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in reference to EuropeAid/140492/DH/SER/MK.

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