European Profiles has contracted with VIANEX SA for the provision of technical and consultancy assistance in expansion of the company’s activities in the pharmaceutical market of Russia.

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EUROPEAN PROFILES S.A. has the “know-how”, the resources and the necessary local contacts to provide such assistance and has organized the work as following:

(a) Drafting a “Market Entry Plan” –for country under consideration, with the scope to examine thoroughly the market of Russia and to propose respective actions for entering this market,

(b) Providing of consultancy services and assistance to VIANEX S.A., for the implementation of the Market Entry Plan.

The project consists in the implementation of the following thematic units:

Unit 1: Drafting of “Market Entry Plan”, for the country under consideration (Russia).

Main task of this section is the identification of market potential and market opportunities.

The following issues will be thoroughly examined:

A. Sectoral – market analysis 

B. Legal framework and legislation

C. Search for local partners / associates

D. Market development action plan

Unit 2: Technical Assistance in implementing the “Market Entry Plan” (introducing VIANEX S.A. to the market of Russia).

Some of the main services to be offered during this phase include:

  • Assistance in establishing the presence of the company in the respective country;
  • Negotiations with the pre-selected potential local partners / associates from the short list (identified during the previous phase) and final selection of the local partners.
  • Technical assistance and lobbying for the licensing of the product;
  • Assistance in accomplishment of selling agreements;
  • Monitoring all commercial agreements;
  • Assessment of training needs of the local partner staff;
  • Technical assistance in “know – how” transfer to the local partners / associates;
  • On site provision of administrative and secretarial services (interpretations, secretarial support, other logistics) at the initial stage of co-operation.