European Profiles S.A. Ukraine – co-organizer of the Future Business Forum 2017

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Entrepreneurs, business owners, top-managers of corporations, authorities and the non-governmental sector participated in the Future Business Forum 2017. The event was held on 30 November 2017 in Kyiv, at the location “Vsi.Svoі”. It was initiated by the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine, and organized by European Profiles S.A. Ukraine, Social Consulting "Paragraf" supported by the Green Economy Growth Platform.

European Profiles S.A. Ukraine together with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine developed the event content and implemented the full range of organizational and promotional activities. Our team has held numerous negotiations with speakers, partners, service providers, managed the process of participants’ invitation, carried out PR campaign.

This year it was the third event devoted to sustainable development goals and actions to be taken by business to achieve these goals. Previous forums were devoted to general objectives of sustainable development and environmental issues, whereas this event focused mainly on the economics.

"The main goal of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine is to create and popularize the motion of responsible companies to implement the Sustainable Development Goals" - says Tatyana Sakharuk, head of the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine. "In the framework of the Future Business Forum, using examples of real Ukrainian and foreign companies, we tried to show how the development of a transparent business (working with respect for the human rights, taking care of environment, providing proper labor relations) affects its stability and benefit it brings to its owner."

During the panel sessions, discussions and presentations, 33 leading Ukrainian and foreign business systematization and innovations experts took the floor. The panel discussion "Global Goals. Local business", which was focused on innovations, opened the forum. In the next session "Organizational Culture and Management" creation of a unique organizational system and implementing the most effective management approaches for companies was under discussion. "Sustainable Supply Chain Management" was the panel, aimed at showing entrepreneurs how to expand their opportunities, stimulate growth, implement innovations, and reduce potential risks through sustainable supply chains. The "Investments for Sustainable Business" session was devoted to the basic principles of responsible investment - through the link between environmental and social issues, corporate management and investment practices. The discussion "Green Modernization of Economics" was devoted to improving the modern economics including environmental aspects, increasing energy efficiency and reducing the dependence on imported energy. The session "Innovations and Change Management for Business" was held to discuss innovative business models, technological and organizational solutions, knowledge-sharing systems in future companies, insights of modern responsible business. The forum concluded with the presentation of a memorandum of public companies to fulfill the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Iryna Myroshnik, the President of IMMER Group: "Our company has been a participant of the Global Compact since 2017. Over the past 20 years, we have been working on the implementation of new technologies to improve ecology, minimize food waste and reduce emissions. This task is solved only globally. Through our membership in the Global Compact we have gained access to the entire world experience and opportunity to implement it in Ukraine."

Serhy Poznyak, founder of the FGK Financial Group: "Ukrainian business shall become "white" and transparent, it shall pay taxes. This is beneficial directly to business and also to the potential investor and society. Transparency generates confidence; responsibility builds the society with no corruption, healthy people and paid taxes. Business and investors are responsible for processes that occur in society, and I call on everyone to participate in it."

Tatyana Goncharenko, Business Development Director of European Profiles S.A. Ukraine: "Today, innovations are everywhere, in every moment of time. Innovation gives a long-term advantage to investment in things, which are going to be paid off the day after tomorrow. It is not just effective risk management and insurance against “falling asleep” in the future, but also reducing of transaction costs, growth of stability, consumer loyalty and confidence. This is what business receives, investing in innovation and sustainable development."

Oleksandr Doinikov, partner in Viteo: "In Ukraine innovation can be applied everywhere. Especially if projects aimed at well-being, are scalable and applicable to development."

Organizers of the FUTURE Business Forum sincerely thank the partners -, TM “Morshynska”, UBTower, iHUB, IMMER Group, Re;Actor,, “Energoatom” company, cultural partner F.a.c.e Foundation, media-partners - the National small and medium-sized businesses Platform, online publications such as RBC-Ukraine, LuckyUkraine,,,, Socportal, “RTI”, Lookit agency, European Business Association, International Business Institute, Business Community Club, Union of Ukrainian Businessmen, Business Incubator Group Ukraine, Empire State Capital company, Association of corporate media of Ukraine and everyone, thanks to whom this forum was held and opened new development paths to hundreds of Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

European Profiles S.A. Ukraine plans to carry on cooperation with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine, in particular in the area of corporate social responsibility. We are planning our joint organization of the next Future Business Forum in the November 2018.

Established in 2016, Ukrainian representative office of European Profiles S.A. provides social audit services, elaboration of CSR strategies and business sustainable management strategies, development of business plans for Ukrainian companies.