European Profiles has been awarded as Partner of a Consortium an EU funded Project in Moldova

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European Profiles has been awarded as Partners of a Consortium an EU funded contract in Moldova entitled Support to enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights”.

The project has a budget of € 1,960,000 and a duration of 24 months. The overall objective of this project is to improve the application of the law and regulations on Intellectual Property Rights in Moldova.  The main purposes are: Improving communication and co-ordination of agencies (the State Agency on Intellectual Protection (AGEPI), Customs, Ministry of Interior (police), Agency for Consumer Protection, Judiciary etc.) involved in implementing the laws and regulations of the Intellectual Property Rights in Moldova; Development of an IT system which will improve communications between the agencies involved in the  enforcement of IP Rights in Moldova; Training staff in the use of the IT system and to build a culture of protection of IP rights in Moldova.