Business Plans & Feasibility Studies

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European Profiles provides support to individual investors and private companies to design, plan and launch new investment projects both in Greece and in international markets. Since our establishment we have extended our consultancy services in the field to a number of institutional and independent clients covering a wide range of sectors including the banking sector, printing and publishing, agricultural and cattle production, textiles and clothing, foodstuffs and beverages, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. A prominent recent example of our work in this field includes the establishment of a subsidiary of a leading Russian bank in Greece.

Our services in this field cover two principal areas of business support. Firstly, we undertake the conduct of technical and economic feasibility studies to guide informed investment decisions. To this end, we employ robust tools and models for our analysis that have been tried and tested across a range of different business areas, to provide clear headed results on the scope, prospects and challenges involved in different investment decisions. Secondly, we support our clients in the design and elaboration of targeted business plans, which set the basis for the steering of respective business operations. We work closely with them, providing sound and honest advice, while assisting in the design of ambitious but realistic plans for business expansion.

Our clients value our emphasis in working together, our honest and straightforward approach as well as our commitment to achieving results.